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Becoming JANICKô LLC.

JANICKô LLC began life in 1991 as Jannee Mfg. building machines and equipment for the ginseng industry. Ginseng is big business in central Wisconsin. We have always built quality products so we were busy and doing well. However, when the market went flat due to over production, more than half of the growers went out of business causing a glut of used equipment on the market. Demand for our products went way down.

We found new possibilities as a professional pet fence dealer and the search for a suitable trencher began. We tried several things and finally settled on a new MTDô Yardman tiller which we converted to do the work. Our modifications worked as well as any we had seen, and better than most. We knew we could do better, so we began to develop the Jannee Trencher. We built a total of 4 prototypes with the fourth one being the machine that many of the dealers saw demonstrated in Knoxville at an annual summer dealer convention in August 2003. Since then we have made needed improvements and have gone into production building what we believe is the best underground dog fence trencher on the planet.

Sales of our trencher have been building nicely as the result of our hard work and the changes we've made as witnessed by many of the same dealers at the 2004 meeting again in Knoxville. This time the demo was conducted by a dealer who owns and operates a JANICKô 1300 Trencher. The JANICKô Trencher has helped him get his name in a Top 20 Dealers list.

The name of the machine was changed from Jannee to JANICKô in order to facilitate a division between our pet containment dealership and our manufacturing operation. The change took place in August 2004. Since 2006 we no longer install pet fences as we have shifted our devotion towards making the best pet fence trencher available.

SO, whether you are a dealer for PetSafe*, Invisible Fence*, Pet Stop*, Dog Watch*, Dog Guard*, or a company we are not aware of, we invite you to contact us for information regarding the JANICKô Trencher. All inquiries will receive prompt and courteous attention.

*PetSafe, Pet Stop, Invisible Fence, Dog Watch, and Dog Guard are registered trademarks of their respective owners.