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When deciding to have a dog fence, there are only a few options. The first option is to put a physical fence around the entire yard (which can be quite costly) and the second is to install an underground dog fence. Electronic underground dog fences are safe, effective, and hidden ways to contain dogs, and more and more people are choosing this option. With a hidden electronic dog fence, dogs can be contained on the property without having to pay the expensive cost of traditional fencing.

Install a Dog Fence with JANICK™ LLC
JANICK™ LLC offers installers an easy and more cost-effective way to bury a dog fence that is underground--a JANICK™ trencher. If you dig trenches for pet fence containment systems, you basically have two options. While a hard-working laborer may be able to impress you with the speed and precision of digging a trench by hand, a JANICK™ trencher can do the job in less time and save you money.

The JANICK™ trenchers minimize turf disruption, which saves you valuable time and labor in the restoration process. The JANICK™ trencher frames are fabricated and welded in our shop with only the best materials and methods available. In addition to the standard Kohler Command Pro engines standard, we offer Honda or Tecumseh engines for other models. The machine also has a Tuff Torq K-62 hydrostatic transaxle, and a 1/4" thick steel blade with patented Shark Tooth™ teeth welded in that offer high-wear resistance.

Features such as these allow installers to trench easily and effectively, and help to keep costs down to a minimum. The durability and dependability of the JANICK™ trenchers means less headaches and more profit for you. Contact us today and let JANICK ™ LLC be your trenching partner!

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