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Janick - Serious Trenchers for Serious Trenchers (6 min) JANICKô - Serious Trenchers for Serious Trenchers (6 min)

 Remarkable Speed (31 sec)

 Cutting a Driveway with the 1800 (56 sec)


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The JANICK 1500 with Weights on the Front

With the optional weight brackets, you choose how much weight to add for more traction when you need it most.

The Hand Controls

The 1500 and 1800 have the same hand controls and are available with remote start (shown here).

The 1800

Shown with the larger tires, this machine is ready to take on your trenching needs.

The JANICK 1100

A smaller simpler machine with a smaller price tag.

It still has all the important features that make for a professional install.

The 1100 Controls

With simpler controls, we pass the savings on to the customer.

The Wire Shoe

Here is the wire shoe in the closed position. It can be opened to let the wire in and out without cutting it.

The Wire Shoe

Here it is in the opened position.

The Wire Shoe

Now the wire is in the shoe and it is ready to be closed.

The Wire Shoe

The wire is now in the wire shoe without needing to be cut, and it is ready to go.

The Handlebars are Height Adjustable

This is max height, plenty high for any person on any terrain.

The Handlebars are Designed for Everyone

The handlebars are adjustable to any height, which is helpful during an install and when loading in the back of a vehicle.

The Handlebars Fold All the Way Down

The machine is designed to fit in a 40" x 48" area without any disassembly. This is very helpful for garage storage or making room in your trailer or vehicle.

The Pivoting Toolbar

The toolbar which supports the blade and wire shoe is designed to pivot, allowing for turns mid-cut without any added difficulty.

The Pivoting Toolbar

The toolbar pivots both ways.

Up the Hill and Through the Woods to get the Fence Installed

The trees are easy to maneuver around, and the roots are easy to cut through; thanks to a pivoting toolbar and the JANICK Root Ripper blade.

A Large Root

For an installer who works around alot of trees, we recommend the Root Ripper blade.

Hills are No Problem

Built with a great transmission and tires to match it, the JANICK trenchers can go where other trenchers can't.

Hills are No Problem

Another view that shows how steep this hill is.

Proving our Climbing Capabilities

We did make it up that hill, just in case you were wondering.

Smooth Sailing

In standard Wisconsin ground conditions, the machine moves at a comfortable walk.

Rock meets Carbide Teeth

All of our blades are equipped with mining grade carbide teeth, allowing for a minimum of 100 installs even in harse ground conditions.

We Can Cut It

Whether it is rocks, tree roots, hard baked clay, or even concrete, our machines are equipped to handle it.

Side hills are Easy to Handle

Because the handlebars can pivot 50 degrees left or right, the machine is easy to handle in any situation.

Pivoting Handlebars

When trenching next to wooden fences, trees and bushes, or alongside a house, moving the handlebars to one side can make your life easier.

Will it Fit?

Yes, it will. We can fit three trenchers in the back of a minivan. Since the machine is capable of fitting on a 40" by 48" pallet, we are sure that it will fit where you need it to.

What Makes it a JANICK?

The pivoting toolbar and adjustable pivot brake make maneuvering around obstacles and servicing the machine a breeze.