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The JANICK™ 1100 - Professional Edition. Built with the professional installer in mind, the 1100 Professional Edition is equipped with features that make installing dog fences a breeze. For an 11 horsepower machine, it will surprise any installer. The 1100 is great for a new or part time installer who needs a great machine with a smaller price tag. This machine is also designed to power a 14" blade.

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The JANICK 1500 - The 1500 has set the bar for the trencher industry. It has a 15 horsepower engine, heavy duty hydraulics, and all of the features that a professional installer will need. This trencher is for installers putting in several fences per week through difficult conditions. This machine provides plenty of power for a 15" blade and is an excellent choice for most full time installers.

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The JANICK 1800 - This trencher is for the man (or woman) who wants it all. This machine has a powerful 18 horsepower v-twin engine, a heavy duty hydraulic pump and motor, and a blade attachment system that has been redesigned to handle the extra power. Fitted with a 17" blade, your wire can be buried 6 inches deep, and much faster with all the extra power. This machine is the best option for the installer who frequently cuts hard ground.


Click picture for Root Ripper information

The Root Ripper - Specifically designed to cut roots instead of snagging them. This blade is a must for the installer who services a lot of wooded area. With the best teeth available on the market for dog fence trenching, this blade will last a very long time, and is able to be sharpened by most blade sharpening professionals.

Click picture for Badger Blade information

The BADGER Blade - With more teeth and a carefully designed edge for dirt removal, this blade is designed for lower friction and faster cutting in the hardest of surfaces. From rocks to hard packed clay, this blade will get the job done. Equipped with the same teeth as The Root Ripper, it is made to last and is able to be sharpened.


Click picture for Winch information

Quick Connect Winch - This winch is designed to help you out when you need it, but be out of your way when you don't. It attaches to the front of the trencher in less than one minute, providing ease of use and peace of mind when you're headed for that mud hole you know you should avoid.

Remote Ignition Switch and Choke - If you park your trencher in the back of a vehicle or small trailer, it is very convenient to have the ignition switch and choke on the handlebars. This makes loading and unloading easier and safer. It is also handy for every day use when on the job.

Preventative Maintenance Kit - This kit includes the most common parts to keep your machine properly maintained.

Kit includes: 1 drive belt, 2 idler pulleys, 1 set of handlebar grips, 1 set of pivot brake pads, 1 hydraulic oil filter, and 2 felt seals.

Other parts are available upon request.


Weight Brackets - If you install wire in a lot of really hard ground, the extra weight gives the additional traction required to keep you moving faster. The brackets are designed to hold twenty pounds each, adding forty pounds to the front of your machine, which is effectively eighty pounds on the axles. Uses standard barbell weights (not included).

Wide Tires - The bigger tires increase traction, ground clearance, and stability on side hills. These tires add ten pounds to the machine, and four inches to the width.

Spare Spool Carrier - For those long jobs, or when your main spool is low on wire, the spare spool carrier comes in handy. It is designed to carry a second spool on the machine, without it being in your way. The spare spool carrier can be quickly attached or removed for when you want it on the machine.

Toolbox - The toolbox is a must have on any trencher. It is big enough to hold pliers, wire tools, splices, and other small parts that are commonly needed throughout the installation of a pet fence. This is a rugged toolbox with a latching lid and specially designed bottom to allow water and dirt to escape. An excellent option for the price.

Spool Brake - The spool brake keeps your spool from spinning more than required. This keeps the wire nicely wrapped on the spool and keeps excess wire from getting tangled up. This brake is spring loaded for adjustability and use with different sized spools. Simply put the spool on the holder and tighten the spool brake as needed.